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Who is responsible for this deficit in democracy


The moderator on CPAc says it is just too too bad if there is such a low vote turn out in Canada. That is the personal choice of Canadians and no one can do anything about it. It seems to me a government concerned with the Canadian people and not its own power would make it a goal to do increase voter turn out. Governments do attempt to do this in Europe. But a government concerned with its own power will not. Countries with proportional representation do have higher turn outs. The moderator on CPAC said that he guessed the matter was off the table for the next four years. To heck with what the people might want I guess.


Here I am the morning after in Canada


trying to digest the happenings of the night before. I know 60% of eligible Canadian voters cast their vote and I know that 40% or thereabouts cast their votes for the Conservatives but it seems to me that only means 24% of eligible voters voted conservative. I ask myself if this really adds up to a real majority and I answer myself with a NO.

I am so in love with the idea of proportional representation and I know the NDP is also but if they can’t make the conservatives behave like they belong in a real representative government what can we all do about it.

Fair vote Canada drones on and on and I don’t know whether enough people are involved with them to make a difference. I have the feeling that if the whole rest of the 76% of the country was sitting on the lawn of the parliament buildings the conservatives still wouldn’t listen to them. Maybe they would send in the fuzz andthrow them all in their new prisons.