Tough on Crime Costs

Tough on Crime and What it Costs
“Pilot studies for the national addiction centre at King’s College London suggest allowing users to inject heroin under medical supervision could cut local crime rates by two-third in six months. Of the sample of heroin users studied, three-quarters substantially reduced their use of street bought drugs, spending 50 pounds per week down from 300 pounds per week. The number of crimes they committed fell from 1,731 in three months to 547 in six months.” In spite of the fact the math seems a little strange, it appears to prove something I have always thought true – legally supply addicts and you remove the incentive for pushers to operate and addicts to commit crimes. And offer addiction services with it. But I’m sure the police forces are not up for this because we would need less of them. And Conservatives would probably be convinced we would all rush to get our share of the free heroin. I can’t figure out if it would feel terrible, or in some crazy way wonderful, to believe that if some controls were lifted everything would degenerate into chaos and people would sink into the worst kind of moral decrepitude – except for oneself of course. And if while planning harsher punishment for others, one happens to make a young woman pregnant in an extramarital affair , necessitating a divorce from one’s longtime spouse, one won’t count that.


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