I don’t like abortion. Nobody likes abortion. Fortunate are those of us who have never felt the desperate need for an abortion. But a woman dies every 8 minutes in developing countries from a botched abortion. And in Cameroon women disfigure their daughters breasts to keep them from being attractive to men and boys so they will not get pregnant too young.

My mother told me stories of the times of the knitting needle and coat hanger solutions to unwanted pregnancies. Of a friend whose husband punched her in the stomach to induce an abortion. Of another who jumped off her kitchen table again and again to attempt to induce an abortion. And this was Canada in the thirties and forties. Think what it is like for women in those countries where they are abused at will.

The thing I don’t understand most about the fervent pro lifers stand is that they don’t object to war. It is as though the foetus has all the importance but the seventeen or eighteen year old is expendable. No doubt there would be some kind of tricky rationalization dragged out of the hat to try to make us believe that the one life is more important than the other. Less hypocracy more humanity please.


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