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And maybe raisin bran would help move things along in parliament so to speak. A few of those MPs are too sedentary by half. Soon they may have to do what the airlines did and enlarge the seats. Or get out and  get some exercise. Whenever I see them on TV I think of the 60 year old Swede and wonder where he is now. Must be those wonderful lunches in the parliamentary cafeteria. Perhaps the MPs would not be quite so anal and nasty if Shatner was there with his raisin bran. Perhaps Rob Nicholson might smile and stop shaking his finger and John Baird might use his indoor voice.

And maybe he could also use his space ship to instantly transport himself from here to there at no cost to the public. He has to remember he is in the richest country on earth but one where everyone is consumed with how much everything costs so that we can never do any real innovations at all without everyone squalling like injured cats. AND NO, conservative promotion at public expense is NOT innovation. And neither is having massive armies of police and soldiers to protect people who come here to meetings and events. They’ve been doing that in banana republics for yonks.




I don’t like abortion. Nobody likes abortion. Fortunate are those of us who have never felt the desperate need for an abortion. But a woman dies every 8 minutes in developing countries from a botched abortion. And in Cameroon women disfigure their daughters breasts to keep them from being attractive to men and boys so they will not get pregnant too young.

My mother told me stories of the times of the knitting needle and coat hanger solutions to unwanted pregnancies. Of a friend whose husband punched her in the stomach to induce an abortion. Of another who jumped off her kitchen table again and again to attempt to induce an abortion. And this was Canada in the thirties and forties. Think what it is like for women in those countries where they are abused at will.

The thing I don’t understand most about the fervent pro lifers stand is that they don’t object to war. It is as though the foetus has all the importance but the seventeen or eighteen year old is expendable. No doubt there would be some kind of tricky rationalization dragged out of the hat to try to make us believe that the one life is more important than the other. Less hypocracy more humanity please.

The new Governor General Shatner?


Better Shatner than Preston Manning reading the increasingly long tedious propaganda item the speech from the throne has become, in his what someone accurately termed ‘little toast and marmalade’ voice. We would all want to smack him on the side of the head before he was through. Or perhaps the idea is to drive us so crazy we couldn’t bear to keep listening. Better to laugh than cry, I say.

Conservative Girls


I recognize them, those women on the Conservative bench. They are the girls of the fifties brought forward. I knew them well. In the part of the world I come from they would stook a field of barley and never have an opinion of their own. They would cook for a dozen threshers, milk a few cows, put on their high heels and red lipstick, straighten their seams and go out and giggle all evening.

They are not the Flora MacDonalds, the Gro Bruntlands, the Mary MacCarthys, the Louise Arbours of this world; authentic, compassionate, caring about everyone. They are the Nancy Reagans. They are the handmaidens, the groupies, the fan club, the camp followers, the stand by your man, or maybe by his right not to register his guns, kinda gals.

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